Friday, February 27, 2009

The answer is blowing in the wind

How many times will I reheat my coffee before I drink it while its hot?
How many of those times will it have never left the microwave?
How many times until remember I already put sugar in my coffee?
How many times will I drink cold sweet coffee and just think its easier that way?
How many times to I have to wash the couch cover before it stops smelling like dog?
How many snacks will I allow before "snack time"?
How long until I stop pretending there exists a "snack time" that is not all the time?
How long would it take if I picked up everything that's on the floor and shouldn't be with out stopping?
How long until I learn to never say "playground" until we are actually on our way there?
How long until I find out if someone showed S that her pacifier should be washed when she finds it on the ground, or if she deduced this herself.
How long will I listen to her screaming next to the sink before I wash it? Again?

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