Saturday, March 21, 2009

Surprise dressing and torn backpacks

I wonder if I'll be able to write if I am ever sitting still for longer than 3 minutes with out any one on my lap at my sleeve or zipping my zipper up to my chin and someone else (a photographer. Hmm.) demanding an inventory of the color sheets we have. Everything is a prop. I wonder if I'm able to write now.

Today's drama started early, S woke up, I got out of bed to get her and passed H's room where she was up and undressed. She saw me and FREAKED. YOU RUINED THE SURPRISE! She was going to get dressed before coming in to wake me up. S was drenched in pee, so I had to change her. H demanding I don't get S dressed. In our very competitive house, we have races to get dressed, get pajamas on, and so on. When you win you yell BINGO! As per H's rules. S now says BINGO whenever she gets dressed. J had to convince H it would still be a surprise as indeed we are surprised everyday with what she decides to wear.

We came down stairs, finally, to find H's backpack shredded on the floor. In all of yesterdays running around I forgot to unpack H's school bag, which contained the lunch box. The dogs also ate the pasta off a stegosaurus H made at school and was very proud of. The dogs chewed through the back pack, to get the lunch box which they unzipped. If they can unwrap a cheese stick and unzip a lunch box, WHY can't they unzip a backpack?

All of this before coffee.

Also, I now have short hair. My sister rolls her eyes and sighs, "its not short" She of the aforementioned quarter inch hair. Which now really is a quarter inch long. Short. And looks great. But my hair, while is longer than hers, yes, is much shorter than it was. I like it, I think. I have to get used to it.

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Left of Ordinary said...

Oy on the lunch box and backpack... and I can imagine the "surprise" of H's daily outfits.

And I MUST see a photo of the new hair. Like, um, now! :) I'm sure it looks great.