Sunday, May 3, 2009

Who does she think she is?

Who does she think she is? I saw this film yesterday. I am still processing it. Its billed as a documentary about women who are artists and mothers- who don't make a choice between the two. I think its more about how being an artist isn't a choice. You choose not to be yourself, or you find the courage to listen to your inner voice, and in some cases suffer the consequences.

I sat watching this film not sure if I would burst into tears or throw up. These women felt so familiar to me, the things they were saying were things I say all the time. How do you do it all? But they do. Some of the women's marriages couldn't handle them following their dreams. None of them gave up being a mother, all of them celebrated the miracle that is being a mother. But some of them had to give up their family as they knew it.

But how to banish the doubt? How to find the time. My favorite line from the film, one woman was saying her husband was supportive up to a point. After some time they separated. He said "I need a wife" to which she replied "I need a wife, too."

It was incredible to see these women doing what they need to do, despite society calling them selfish. Even though it is still making me ill. Calling me once again to stop making excuses. This has been on my mind constantly for the last few weeks. Stop making excuses. Just do it. Get to Oz. Drink the courage.

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