Friday, May 22, 2009


I went to the grocery store with S this morning after dropping H off at school. We needed just a couple things. I have been trying (again. still.) to rid our lives, at least the waking moments of our lives, from the dreaded pacifier, so we left it in the car. S decided to leave monkey in the car, too. I hesitated, but then, since she did it on her own, decided not to be an enabler. I even thought about not using a cart and just using a basket. Since we only needed a couple of things. S insisted on a cart so we got one. I usually let her eat a bagel while we shop, one of the million of things I said I'd never do. Since we needed just a couple things, I told her we weren't going to get a bagel today.

I went to the produce guy, who must hate me because no mater what I'm looking for, its the one thing he has to get from the back. Today it was cilantro. He said to come back in 10 minutes, and then said to S, "Hi princess! Where's your bagel?"

After I picked up the last of the couple things I needed, but before I headed back to produce to get the cilantro, S lost it all. Jumped out of the cart (yes, she was bucked in. It doesn't matter.) Ran away from me. I caught her, she fell to the ground. Its like a ballet now, I reach my hand to cushion the blow to her head, she rolls around on the floor in the middle of the aisle.

I wanted to just leave. Screw the cilantro. I have some in my garden, I'd just use that- but I really like the produce guy and he seems the type to never go get things from the back for you ever again if you stand him up once. I had S in a kind of straitjacket hug. Shes screaming. Patrons are staring. The produce guy is talking to the deli lady with a box of cilantro under his arm. I have to interrupt. Is this worse than standing him up? I don't know. No soup for you!

We somehow get to the checkout. Luckily there is no line. I got S to sit inside body of the cart, which will surely screw me next time we attempt to shop for groceries. The cashier one lane over sees S freaking out, and looks at me and says "Where her pacifier?" This is the same lady who tells me every time I see her that S needs to give up the pacifier, that I should give her a sippy cup instead. Why this doesn't drive me insane I don't know, but I like this lady. I alwaystell her I let S use the pacifier in the store because I wouldn't be able to feed anybody other wise. She comes over to talk to S. She says to her "You're too pretty to have that ugly attitude!" S glares at her. Blinks. Glares some more. "Where your monkey at?" She asks.

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Left of Ordinary said...

My god... I think my head would have exploded.
Good grief.