Saturday, May 16, 2009


As I have mentioned in earlier posts, S is a bit of a nudist lately. Today, the girls and I were sitting on the bench looking out the window, S shirtless, as is becoming usual. H touched S's nipple and said "whats red on S's nostril?" Is it bad that I didn't correct her? She'll know its not a nostril soon enough, right? I was frozen by simultaneous thought of "What is red on S's nostril" and "wait a minute, its a nipple not a nostril" What was red was nothing. Just the... nipple hole? Come on, I breast fed my girls, I should know breast anatomy better than that- but I don't know what thats called. The part the milk comes out. S has always had breast tissue. She was born with it. The doctors weren't concerned saying it was from my hormones. I was a little concerned, I nursed H and had the same hormones and she didn't have breast tissue. H lifts her shirt and investigates her own nipples. Looks back at S's. How come S's are bigger? She asks. "Everyones body is different, everyones body is beautiful..." I start. H interrupts me "When I'm a grown up will mine be bigger than S's?" "We'll have to wait and see" I tell her. She huffs. "Well. I hope so."

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