Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I'll have that and a side of cheeseburger

Things have been so chaotic. I am making myself sit down and write despite the fact I have no idea what I'm about to say. Should be interesting. S is eating a bowl of macaroni and cheese and a cup of milk out of a mug. She's calling it coffee. She has already had a piece of pizza and 2 bowls of yogurt while we were waiting for the pasta to cook. H had a burrito at 3 o clock, because she has a burrito everyday, but also because just as I took a deep breath to prepare for my proclamation that tonight would not be a burrito night, like every other night this week, she said "tonight, I want cinco de mayo food." Now, a burrito is not cinco de mayo food in my book, but its close enough to make me not go anti- burrito tonight.

Wait, why did she have dinner at 3 o clock? Because we are all WAY off. Its been raining for days, we haven't seen the sun. We are developing skin over our eyes and gills. Also, J was home from the studio today recovering from minor eye surgery that was majorly squirm inducing and disgusting, but had him sitting on the couch reliving it all afternoon so H and I could go do errands while S napped. That put H and I 2-3 hours ahead of schedule. We got home at 3, she wanted dinner. Fine I said. Do you want to go to bed too? I was joking. "YAY!" she says. "Really? Can I go to bed early?" What? I also joked (I need to stop this) that she could have the burrito for her 1st dinner and the mac and cheese I was going to make for S when she woke up for her 2nd dinner. As soon as she was done with the burrito H yelled "I'm ready for my second dinner now!"

Maybe I should have just called the burrito a snack, as a food experience at 3pm is usually called in this house, but I have been conditioned not to call a burrito a snack. J and I have an ongoing.. discussion, I'll call it.. about what constitutes a snack. For example, J says, "I need a snack. I'm going to get a cheeseburger." This makes me insane and gets me spluttering my philosophies about snacks vs meals. "a. cheeseburger. is NOT. a. snack." and then he argues about why it is, but to be honest I don't listen to that part. Which is why we keep having the 'discussion', I'm sure. I can't think of what could possible convince me that a cheeseburger is a snack. Anyway. Where am I going with this? H and S have their fathers appetite and ideas on what a snack is. I think I have to just agree to disagree on this one. Either that or reframe my ideas of what and when dinner is, and have 35 dinners a night.

H just asked for waffles with ice cream for dessert. "How did you know about that" I asked. "I just thought it sounded good" She is very proud of her 'creation'. I will not be the one to tell her we're having Belgian waffles on cinco de mayo. She has suggested that we all thank her for her wonderful dessert, and is going around like a good chef making sure everyones waffles and ice cream are properly mixed.

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