Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Plan

Please disregard previous post. I was tired, and yes, my lips were chapped. In reality, I realized after I was finally able to get up and make dinner, I was crashing from a sugar rush. After a dinner of lobster ravioli and fish sticks and broccoli I felt much less sluglike. I asked H if she wanted ravioli or fish sticks, she said "both." She gets this from her father.

I had accompanied H and S and their grandfather for The Plan. The Plan is ice cream. I usually don't go to The Plan, I let them get all sugared up and enjoy 1/2 an hour of quieter than normal (because thankfully its never all the way quiet) but today I went. The Plan evolved from H's suggestion that she and her grandfather "make a plan" every time they get together. He would say, "Well? What should the plan be?" There is only one answer. Now they just cut to the chase. There is always a plan that involves The Plan.


Left of Ordinary said...

Sounds like a good "plan" to me. :)

Katydid said...

why you gotta make me cry, dude?