Monday, February 2, 2009

Jungle fevah

Last night in the bath, and again this morning, H has been singing, loudly, "Jungle feeevvah...jungle fevah" with a little hip shake and hair toss. I KNOW its innocent (enough)- but I am at a loss for how to handle this, or if it needs to be handled at all. I'm thinking it doesn't- but shes already asked me if I know about jungle fever- what if she starts asking around? Thanks a lot Spike Lee.

Perchance you are wondering where a child of 4 would hear a song about jungle fever. I'll tell you from where. From the toddlers favorite sing along version 3 CD that my mother in law gifted the children. So they can learn all about jungle fever. You should hear the x-rated hokey pokey on this CD! The part where you put your back side in and shake it all around? This creepy guy comes into the song at that point and says "Oh Yeeaaaahhh, I like the hokey pokey! Heeeeeheeeeeheee" I'm telling you, its not right.

In other news, I am going to an open house tonight at a charter school in the woods. They think they are the cats pajamas AND the bees knees at this place, and you must attend their open house and presentation on how great they are before you can wrestle the other desperate mothers of kindergartners to be for an application for one of the 10 spots they have available. And yes, it really is in the woods. Down a dark winding road. Well, its not so dark in the day time of course- its not the blair witch school. I am in the midst of the kindergarten freak out. More about that soon. Really. More than you want to know.

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