Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Dogs, dogs, dogs

Should be going to bed, but can't wait until tomorrow to see who's best in show. Yes, Westminster, yes I'm a dog geek. I like the Scottish deer hound, but I'm betting on the schnauzer. J has gone to bed in disgust, exhausted from rolling his eyes at my oohing and ahhing over all the dogs. He did last for a while, though- and did his best to seem interested.

One of my favorite yearly occurrences is watching Westminster, and calling my mom when the lab comes on and then critiquing. Then doing it again for the viszla.
"She had a cute body, but I didn't like her face" about the viszla
"I liked him, he was so barrel chested!" about the lab.

Then, since nothing is safe from the kindergarten infiltration of my every waking moment, I read the cover letter that accompanies my tax forms to be submitted tomorrow, thus ending my part of the financial aid process. (I've done my part, I have no money. Now you do yours and give it to me.) I am tangled in forms and form letters to the point where I have no idea what I'm saying anymore. Mom! Help!

Oh I forgot about the brussels griffon. He might get it.

Back to financial aid- my mother did her motherly duty and told me I wrote the perfect letter how could I even have possibly said any of what I was saying better than I did? I don't care that shes my mom and bound contractually to say nice things, I'll take it. And by the way shes a teacher, so she'll at least call me on the sloppy grammar and run on sentences I'm so fond of. Unfortunately she can't spell check me over the phone.

Wait, there they go with the ribbon... the suspense.....

The sussex!!! Wow. Well, good for him. He's cute.

Now I need to wake my dogs up and go to bed.

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