Friday, February 20, 2009

The sun also rises

This day.
This day started at 6 am with both girls simultaneously screaming.
H "Is it MORNING? I was to eat BREAKFAST!
S "MooooOOOommmMMMMEEEEEeeee!"

me "no, its not morning yet. Let me take a shower."

While this was going on (and on) I had gotten S out of her bed, and dumped her into ours with J. I shot him several filthy looks for having the nerve to still be lying down.

I got into the shower, with H still screaming about morning and breakfast. When I turned off the water I heard continued wailing from H. "You said you'd be fast! That was NOT A FAST SHOWER" then "I WANTED TO EAT BREAKFAST WHEN ITS STILL NIGHTTTTIIIIMMMMEEEE..." (and again. and again.)

Apparently the sun rises with my shower, which explains a lot for those days when I don't get a shower.

Then this gem from H: "I WANT MOMMY TO GO BACK TO SLEEP"

Oh. Really? Is this a test?

Finally, J says to me, "Its night time when you're still asleep" Thus the breakfast at night time.
All this because she wanted a Daddy breakfast.

Too bad, I told her. I'm awake now. (See? See what happens when you jolt me awake at 6 am? You're stuck with me. I don't do back to sleep well. I can't nap either. Its too hard to wake up the first time.)

The sun rises when I shower. Morning comes when I arise from slumber. I have spoken.

I will have to tell the rest about this day tomorrow- as it took me the entire day to describe my morning.

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