Monday, February 16, 2009

I have no idea who I am anymore.

What is wrong with me that I want to cancel my daughters birthday? She will be 5, and I have my head so far up my ass of anxiety about planning this party coupled with disgust for money spent and expectations of 5 year old birthday parties. Whats with all the THEMES? Where the hell was the forethought for a summer birthday? We could just do this shit outside like you are supposed to. Why can't I control the god damned weather and demand a not snowy day in the middle of march? Shit, well now it will definitely snow.

I can't stand all the preciousness that accompanies these birthday parties- seriously it makes my head want to spin around. I feel like such a mark even looking into this. In my mind it is somehow up there with having your butler serve your white fluffy cat from its own crystal dish at your mahogany table. Good taste is easy to recognize.

J is so much more sane than I am. The proof is that I'm putting that in writing. I settled in on having the party at the Y. But they weren't available. So I called him, so annoying, I am. gasping for air. WHAT.ARE.WE.GOING.TO.DO. Tell me now. He found a bunch of places and emailed them to me. I glanced at them and called him back.
me "These will never work"
J "Did you look at them"
me "No, I just know. Why does she have to HAVE a birthday?"
J "I'll talk to you later"
Me, to the dogs, "can you even BELIEVE him? He practically hung up on me!"
He's got his, don't get me wrong. But today I'm not sure how he deals with me.

So all that and I join the ranks of the stupid fluffy parent with the precious precocious annoying birthday planning booking a month in advance. Oh what EVER.

We're trying to book Bounce Town. Which is just what it sounds like. A town of bouncing. We are BOOKING a VENUE for our 5 year old. But we have to wait for CONFIRMATION. Good lord what have I BECOME? butitsactuallynotasexpensiveasithoughtsoitsokright?

When I say WE I really mean J. I found the venue, and signed off on it, as it were, but its J who is doing the phone leg work, because I am too uptight to discuss a five year olds party on the phone with another person.

Soon I will think about the real preciousness of this day- I can't believe my baby will be 5.
But right now I can't believe we're booking her a venue.


Left of Ordinary said...

Just think - you dont' have to clean your house before OR after, the kids and run around and be crazy and you barely have to do a thing.

Ok, and maybe I'm just a bit sad that I can't be there to go to the "venue".

It still astounds me that C was born on H's bday. I'm sure we've got some wierd cosmic connection.

Could I "beam" us there for the party?? No? Crap.

Katydid said...

Ah, dude. I hear you. My insanity, though, comes from not having the kind of at home b-days mom came up with. (Complete with personalized cakes in any shape you can imagine.) Sometimes, though, I think I make those memories up. And I'm with Left... no stressing about house and dogs before or after.

becprints said...

Oh I'm doing the personalized cake in every shape I can imagine.

But happy to not stress about the house. Or the dogs, who will be sulky to not be invited