Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Eggs benedict

I love it when I go to great lengths to make an actual breakfast, and am met with hair raising blood curdling screams and head banging.

The tantrum is always evolving and now has a wrestling move. I don't know what its called, you know the one where you jump in the air and the sit down hard on your opponent? That one.

I made eggs, with cheese, and bagles for myself and S, instead of just opening the fridge and putting together a concoction to pass off as breakfast as per usual. I even got it all ready by the time Sesame Street started. Eggs in front of the tv on a tuesday? Thats awesome right?

My critical error: opening the refrigerator to get the cheese out. S spotted the yogurt. She had to have the yogurt. Why didn't I just give her the yogurt? I had already cooked the eggs, so THAT was what was going to be eaten. The problem is I'm as stubborn as my children. Thus the tantrum and almost burnt eggs.

I ate my eggs and watched sesame street by myself while keeping the dogs away from S's eggs. S screamed on the kitchen floor. Don't feel bad for her. This tantruming is out of control. We don't only tantrum when we don't get our way, but also, this just in, when we are frustrated. S gets very frustrated very quickly. If I'm slow to understand what shes saying, if she can't find something.. let me rephrase, if something she wants isn't in her hand as soon as it occurs to her. "Find something" insinuates she looks for it. No, straight to tantrum. We all need body armor around here. There is constant flailing and being flailed upon.

S did join me for breakfast, eventually, and was promptly horrified by an elephant puppet on TV. Its a good thing S wasn't a part of Sesames Streets original focus group. She was stubbornly refusing to eat the eggs, which she normally would inhale. And giving me sulky brow furrowed glares.

I think next time I'll make eggs for the dogs, if I'm in the mood to be appreciated, and just let S have her way with the refrigerator.

Special is as special does.

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