Tuesday, August 18, 2009

To be big or to be not so big

I need a new theme. But I can't muster one yet- so its this theme or no theme. My girls are getting big. How could that be, oh master of the obvious? Its confounding. Astounding. I must awknowlegde the big. This is my 12 step program to kindergarten. Where they, or at least H, will be officially BIG. School bound, never looking back, cutting the apron strings big. This is where I need to reel myself in a bit- remind myself that this is what they, the kids, are supposed to do, this is what I did.

Then again, I just had a conversation with H about picking her nose and eating the bounty on her finger. "you must stop that, its gross!" I said, my face convulsing in disgust. "no its not", she says "taste it." Maybe not so big after all.

I had a history teacher in highschool, whose name excapes me, that was obsessed with mucous. All of his jokes were nose picking jokes. In fact, if you pointed out that he was obsessed with nosepicking jokes, he'd say, "that's snot true!" and crack himself up.

So I guess big is relative.

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Left of Ordinary said...

Oh my. I think I wet my pants and the nose-picking exchange.