Sunday, August 9, 2009

I miss my sister

My sister K and man child 14 yr old nephew A are here for the week. We have been to the beach, and spent the day yesterday ripping out carpets in my mothers house. Having K here is always great and I have K withdrawl when she goes. In addition to being a huge help physically, providing a much needed second pair of hands- she and I operate on the same wave length, and that is always so refreshing to me. Driving back from the beach the other night, for example, we simultaneously burst into singing a Morphine lyric, and not only that but we had both changed the words of the song. How is that possible?

K and I started opperation gross hairy stinky carpet removal yesterday while our mother alterately stood over us and tried to remove tack strips with a pallet knife. She is not as inept as that makes her sound- just the trauma of anyone helping her makes her a bit loopy.

That was a few days ago. We finished the carpet removal, along removing the filth that is under everyones carpet, but more so under my mom's carpet. We uncovered some red and brown vintage, probably asbestos laden, tile that could stand to be mopped a fourteenth time, but is clean enough. Rearranged the furniture, slandered the coffee table, wished for a turquoise chair.

K and A are flying home tomorrow morning insanely early. I have already started the sister with drawl, and miss her before she's even on the way to the airport.

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