Monday, July 6, 2009

Where does it come from?

Getting ready for bed tonight, S pushed Maxi with her foot. (S pushes us all around. Don't feel badly for the cat) H yelled "S!" then, "its ok, Maxi. You can scratch her. You can even rip her heart out." What?! Where did this come from? Certainly not something I utter around the house. I utter plenty, its not that- just that this is not something I would say. Again- she is her own person, so why the shock that she'd say something differently that I would? I don't know the answer to that.

In the delay before bedtime- where H lies in bed and shoots me as many questions as she can think of to get me to stay in the doorway a little longer. I grind my teeth a little bit louder the longer the questioning goes on, but can't quite break from the questions as she's been making them fabulous in order to get me to stay there grinding my teeth. Today- "Mommy are how many different worlds are there? We're in this world, is Virginia in another world?" (I don't know why Virginia in particular seems other worldly to H.) Just one world I tell her. "How do we all fit? Are we at the top of the world? I don't want our house to slide off the world." I try to explain gravity. "Gravity? Who made that? Who made the world?" I have gone the religious route before- today I decided to go with Darwin. I mangled the evolutionary theory- cliff notes through grinding teeth. "The earth is made of rocks? Thats MAGIC" then "And then who painted it?" This lead into a conversation about paint and dye coming from things in nature. "Remember how red your fingers got after picking raspberries?" H asked how people could stop smelling raspberries if they used them for paint. And how would it dry anyway?"

I need to hit the books to be able to put H to bed.


Left of Ordinary said...

Oh my. I know that crazy "just one more thing, Mom..." as I'm TRYING to leave Mouse's room at bed time. We dont' get quite so deep, but just as ridiculous. Good grief.

Katydid said...

You can rip her heart out... sounds like something I'd say. I'm telling you, she got the same drama gene I got.