Tuesday, July 28, 2009

kisses from dogs

In continuing the undoing of all my dog training, H has trained Tamayo to lick her all over her face when she says "I LOVE KISSES FROM DOGS!" H isn't so much a master dog trainer as Tamayo has been holding back kisses for 5 years, that and after all these years, I suspect he does speak English. Yet another thing I would never have guessed that gets screamed from my yard for the amusement of the neighbors: I LOVE KISSES FROM DOOOGS! I can't wait to tell her boyfriends that one.

H and S both try to train each other. "Good girl! good job!" They enthusiastically say to each other many times during the day. Just now in fact, as S put a clothes pin on the highest wire of the drying rack. (Clipping the clothes pin on the drying rack outside, or playing clips as its known around here, is the best game since Lefty told me about water paint- which is when you get a receptacle of water and some paint brushes. Thats it. Actually, water paint is much better, but it is wetter. Playing clips is pretty good.)

I just said another thing I didn't think I'd be saying to my kids: "Don't bark at the neighbors dog! Stop barking! I mean it!"
Meanwhile my dogs know better and are quiet.