Friday, July 3, 2009

Dented day and no room

I woke up this morning with a big dent in my forehead from sleeping on my bracelet. It is just now, 5 hours later beginning to go away.

Despite the fact that S has had a long week of new experiences and hasn't had a nap in days she woke up at 5 in the morning. J and I decided the morning was beyond improvement so we spent some early morning time figuring out the best way to install the updates needed on my computer to install the software so we can get our finances in order. We installed the update, tried to install the software- turned out we needed to update the update to install the software, the installer of which needed more room than I had available on the hard drive. And so on.

Apparently during the time it took to figure out computer finance stuff, the house exploded. While I was attempting to make room on the computer to pay bills, the girls kept telling me they wanted to eat eggs. I couldn't take it anymore and shifted gears to go make some eggs. No only was there no room on the computer, but no room in the kitchen, no room in the dining room. I folded laundry that was in the dining room (it got held up on its way upstairs. The bureaucracy in this house) to make room on the table to eat.

While folding the laundry so I could make the eggs so I could update my computer, I heard Maxi's full mouth caterwaul coming from the back of the house. Shit, I knew we had a live one. Even though I think all the pink fluffy cat toys are real mice when I hear the low muffled MmmmmmRRrrrrOOOOwwwww.... I just knew this mouse was not pink or fluffy. Maxi thought it was a toy. Maybe we need to feed her less- but she just wants to catch and release- unfortunately, she tends to release in the middle of the house. So the freed mouse made a dash behind the toy shelf in the dining room. I set up my paper bag traps- but Maxi got herself behind the shelf and re caught the mouse who she then brought out to the middle of the room and threw in the air. While this was going on, H was sitting on the back of the couch hugging her knees. Naked. (In the middle of getting dressed. Downstairs. Because the laundry was in the dining room, of course) S wouldn't get out of the way of the mouse-I was sure it was going to run up her leg.

Maxi finished throwing the mouse in the air, and had it back in her mouth. Ordinarily, I am trying to save the mouse at this point, but this time that didn't occur to me. I was trying to chase Maxi back out of the house, or into the paper bag I was trying to catch the mouse with, but Maxi was very slowly strutting and kept trying to turn back to me, her mouth full of mouse. She dropped the mouse for another game of mouse hacky sack, and the mouse almost ran into my bag, but instead darted under the door to the basement. I threw Maxi down after it, but she wouldn't stay. She was done with the mouse. There is no way I will be able to find the mouse in the basement. Its dark, there are nooks and crannies galore. I try, am still trying, to let it go. I am afraid Maxi will find it again and bring it up. Into my bed when I'm sleeping.

To get H off the back of the couch and dressed, I told her the mouse is outside, that he left through the basement. She is concerned if the mouse has found his mommy and daddy. I am a bit concerned about this too, but for different reasons.

J will not be able to relax knowing there is a mouse in the house. I don't want to tell him. I also don't want to tell the girls to keep anything from him. Maybe I'll let H tell him that the mouse went back outside to find his mommy.

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