Sunday, July 12, 2009

Extra senses

H spent the night at her grandparents house last night. After much debate we brought S home with us instead of having her stay the night too. Its been nice to spend some time with S alone- she rarely gets both J and I to herself- I know she misses H, but shes enjoying her time.

H couldn't wait for J and I to leave yesterday- eager to begin her independence from us. She wanted S to stay, but I think is equally happy to have some alone time with her grandparents.

I am not often away from H, and hardly ever speak to her on the phone, so when she called last night, I was slammed with emotion. She sounds so much older and more coherent that the last time I spoke to her on the phone, months ago.

This morning I asked S if she wanted to draw a picture for H- who is always drawing things for everyone and I'm sure has made something for the whole family already. Just as S sat down, the phone rang. H called, wanting to talk to S. They said Hi back and forth about 20 times, and then H said "I love you!" and asked to talk to me. S went back to the table, and took the cap off a purple marker. H said "I hear S drawing, what is she making?"

H has been saying repeatedly for some weeks now that she wants to be a dog so she can have 'a nose like a dog' - a heightened sense of smell. I find this odd- of all the super powers to wish for. Maybe her wish got crossed along the way and she's ended up with a dogs ears.

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