Tuesday, November 4, 2008

can't wait to vote

When to vote? I am having voting worry which is silly because I WILL vote, doesn't really matter when. I wanted us to go as a family to vote for Obama, but J has already voted. S is napping, at 9:30 am, unheard of. H is at school where she'll be voting weather she likes chocolate chip cookies or oreos better. So the family is scattered, and I am chomping at the bit to pull that Obama lever.

Also on my list today, the consideration of the yearly homemade Christmas gift I attempt. With varying degrees of success. Hat year went well, knitted scarf year, not so much. There are so many giftees though, that my good intentions turn me scrooge-like quickly. But hey, look at me, its just barely November and I'm thinking about it. This is familiar... just wait. Much like the Halloween scramble of earlier post. Check in around Dec 23rd for more of the same.

And oh! thanks to a cranky, eye rolling, heavy sighing fish store employee who tolerated my lack of fish know how, my fish are much better. As soon as I changed the water the way you're supposed to (which is obvious, but I don't know what I'm going) they started swimming around doing fish stuff instead of gasping for air on the bottom of the tank. Yay cranky fish store guy. Yay me for holding my ground while being shamed by the cranky fish store guy.

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