Wednesday, February 3, 2010


An accomplishment! These gloves sans fingers, fingerless gloves, god forbid gauntlets, whatever you want to call them, took me less that half an hour start to finish (not including felting the sweater, which was done years ago) and they kind of look it- but a finished product! In the land of a thousand started things!

I have been knitting and un-knitting for many evenings in a row now- I thought I'd make something "easy" to limber up my creating muscle- but its been night after night of frustration. The knitting is relaxing for me, ordinarily, but indecision has crept into that as well, and I can't decide what to knit with what yarn and keep starting and stopping. Unraveling. I've been knitting to feel like I'm "doing" since I can't decide what it is I'm "doing" in the studio these days. But my doing isn't working and its making me crazy!

I will still knit a version of these non digit gloves (damn it) but today S napped briefly, and I ran up to the studio, cut haphazardly, stitched haphazardly, and now my hands are warm. Cashmere warm, too. I am hoping this finished product will help with the doing and non-doing.

I am in major...transition.. we'll call it. I am blocked creatively, and am getting too frustrated too quickly. I need some easy inspiration, but my usual sources of inspiration are frustrating me too. I am trying to remind myself that I often feel this way before an artistic breakthrough, but there's that other voice that lives in my head mocking me.

So break through already.


MommyOver40 said...

I stumbled upon your blog and am enjoying reading it. You are a good writer and I really like your prints and photos. Very creative. I wear fingerless gloves, too, (I have yet to successfully knit gloves or mittens; I'm a hat junkie) and yours look great!

Rebecca said...

Thanks! I am currently knitting a hat, and almost unraveled that last night, but let it survive another day. Its become the most unrelaxing relaxing hobby!