Friday, December 4, 2009

MamaCita Holiday Party & Show

If you're in the area tomorrow night, stop by:

There will be a lot of great art by a lot of great mamas!

I'll be there with some fused glass jewelry I've been playing around with.

That is a 2 year old hand, by the way, throwing off the scale. The rings are big, but not *that* big!

I'll have some prints, too. Some of the monoprints I'll have there are pictured below.

I have been working on printing with glitter, and am excited to work this into woodcuts as well.


Katydid said...

I am there in spirit.

Left of Ordinary said...

Hope all goes well. I'll be thinking of you. The jewellry is FABULOUS! My Mum is looking up about it on google as I type this.

The prints are awesome too. I love the first one.