Friday, September 4, 2009

The war with my house

I am trying. It is trying, but I am trying.
Today I, and by "I", I should say "we" cleaned H's room. Actually, "I cleaned" is accurate, the rest, being H and S, and the freaking dogs who refused to stay out of the way, mostly conspired to slow me down and rescue things from the trash- things I had to convince myself to part with in the first place. Until I employed my latest time builder, a streamed netflix movie on my lap top upstairs. All day long up there, a huge garbage bag for each the trash men and the salvation army, and it doesn't look like anything in the way of cleaning took place up there.

Then, I had to come downstairs, which looked- looks- horrendous as I had spent the day upstairs and thus not tending to the downstairs.

This microwave kiln is making it at all the more dificult to clean and achieve the organizational nirvana I so desire when all I want to do is melt glass, and figure out how to print on glass.

Also I'm getting a headache, and sore throat, and when I turn my head it feels like I have to wait for half my head to catch up. Not a good time to be feeling like crap- with kindergarten T minus 6 days and counting.


Left of Ordinary said...

This cracks me up becuase I've been doing the EXACT same thing. I did the girls rooms and playroom yesterday. All the crap I'm getting rid of came down stairs. And while the upstairs looks good, the downstairs looks trashed. Again, my analogy of the balloon works. Squeeze one side... nice and skinny, but look at the other end and it looks ready to explode. I just can't win.

And today we're doing the garage. Now our YARD is going to look like a bomb went off. Nice.

Left of Ordinary said...

Oh... and sorry to hear you're getting sick! That sucks.

Zicam. It works. (but they don't pay me to say that. Maybe they should?)

I hope you feel better soon. ox