Friday, October 31, 2008

Wings and a prayer

Sent H off to school with her giant wings. Had some last minute alterations using a sash from a black robe I never wear anymore. The wings are too big, she'll be knocking everything over, but she looks great! S is a caterpillar, at H's request, I'm feeling bad as her "costume" consists of striped pants, a green shirt some antenna and a big leaf with holes punched in it. Not the ultra glam giant sparkle wings of her older sister. And, for the record, the costume is cool enough, glittery enough and butterfly-y enough. According to the chaperon, the wings did not make it for the walk to the womens home. Just as well.

I am sore muscled and stiff from hanging the show last night. I haven't hung my own work in a long time- I can't decide if that makes me sound successful or like a prima dona. The truth is neither one, it just so happens that most shows of late have have someone besides me hanging them. Which is great as I hate hanging shows, almost as much as I hate taking slides of my work. Anyway- as hangings go, this wasn't so bad, there was help and an agreement to eyeball instead of measure. I did much grumbling that i must work smaller after straining myself and everyone helping out with my work that is so big. Must look into this apparent obsession I have with the huge lately. As they say, if you can't make it good make it big.

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